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East to Cromwell - Wine & History

Available as a full day tour.

Capture the beauty, and man's struggle to tame it.

It doesn’t matter which direction we go from Queenstown there are great sites to explore. Much of the struggle for gold took place east of Queenstown where the landscape is rugged, rocky and arid. Going in this direction we can visit amazing sites like Gee’s Flat, deep in the Kawarau Gorge, the Bannockburn Sluicings and the remains of Carrick Town with its great water wheel high up on the range with the expanse of the Cromwell basin spread out below.

Further east, beyond Alexandra, we encounter the wild hills of Rough Ridge, dotted with crazy, wind-worn, rock tors and then on to Moa Creek with its solitary old pub. Our farthest point is Poolburn dam.

With so many options in this direction, tell us what interests you most. We'll discuss it with the group and take light and weather conditions into account to design a great day's photography.

Full Day Photography Tour - 8 to 9 hours

With a full day at our disposal, we have a generous 8-9 hours to explore. Our all-day adventure begins with a stunning morning view from the highest road pass in all of New Zealand.

Queenstown is famous for it’s spectacular and enchanting scenery. It’s a landscape with everything from towering mountains to crystal lakes, verdant pastures and deep, lush forests to rugged gorges and expensive alpine plains.

Dotted throughout are the remnants of man’s struggle to find a place here and to win a living from it’s hidden riches. Come on a journey with us to explore the history and the heritage left behind by gold miners and farmers. From the restored quaintness of old gold towns - Arrowtown and old Cromwell Town to hidden relics of ancient machinery decaying and overgrown in dark, mossy forest glades.

This full-day tour takes us to the wild and rugged hills and mountains east of Queenstown. While it may be further than most of our tours, it takes us into some of the most unique and diverse landscapes in the region. Unlike the verdant lakes and picture-perfect mountains that are often associated with Queenstown, this is rugged, dry, high altitude tussock country

First settled a mere 160 years ago, these alien landscapes became home to thousands of fortune seekers from around the world. Shanty towns sprung up overnight, collections of shops, pubs, and brothels catering to the needs of the men. These towns were outposts in a harsh wilderness. Some, like Cromwell grew to become the civic centers of today, while others shrank or disappeared altogether.

On this tour, we will explore the back roads, cross the tor studded hills and mountains, visit the ghost towns, the wine regions, and capture the history of this stunning and fascinating region.

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