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Visiting Queenstown, New Zealand? Take home amazing photo memories on one of our Queenstown Photography tours.

Queenstown and the Southern Lakes has some of the most beautiful and memorable scenery in New Zealand. Wouldn’t it be great to have your own local photographer to take you to the best views at the right time of day to capture the magic?

Join Remarkable Imagery on a private Queenstown photography tour. We take you to the most stunning and spectacular locations – the best scenery around Queenstown, Glenorchy, Wanaka and the Southern Lakes.

Extend your creativity and your camera skills. Our private guided photo tours take you to the top locations in the Queenstown area – amazing places only a local would know. You receive advice and mentoring on composing images and getting the most from your camera. We will have you capturing photos you’re proud to show back home.

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June 24, 2023
AI helped me capture a Frosty SouthLand

KIWIS KNOW RELATIONS IN SOUTHLAND HAVE BEEN CHILLY OF LATE (ABOVE) Stitched panorama. Vehicles composited from the same shoot. Extra information was added to both sides to widen the aspect ratio. We also encountered spectacularly frosty conditions as we drove through Southland this last weekend on our way from Kingston on the lake to Tairi […]

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January 23, 2023
Riding The Old Man Range

NEW YEAR'S DAY 2023 The Old Man Range is classic Central Otago high country. At this height, nothing grows but ground-hugging moss and crazy-shaped rock tors. The Obelisk is the largest of these. The first day of 2023. On a perfect summer morning, I drove a bunch of friends up the east face of the […]

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August 10, 2022
Every Great Image has a Reason

THERE'S ALWAYS A REASON THAT MOTIVATES US TO SHOOT AN IMAGE These images of Skippers Canyon are all about colour, texture and contrast. (LEFT) Afternoon gold contrasts against icy blue. Dark, craggy rocks tower over quilted hills. The scene is very zoomed in, eliminating other mountains and the sky which would have reduced the scene's […]

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