Where We Go - Remarkable Imagery

The Places We Take You

Some of the many amazing environments
we explore from Queenstown


Unique sights and environments are to be found north, south, east and west of Queenstown. You get most value when we investigate a single direction. Half days are great for exploring closer to Queenstown, while a full day gives us the opportunity to head out to a region and really discover it’s magic.

We start each tour with a discussion to find out about your photography, your preferences and the options we have on the day – based on time, light and weather conditions.

Half day tours give us 4-5 hours to discover the sights in and around Queenstown. We are able to head out to nearby villages and regions, but then there is less time to explore.

With 8-9 hours, a full day tour gives us time to venture into one of the unique environments to be found in every direction from Queenstown.

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