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About Martin

Hi, I’m Martin Kohn, a photographer and graphic designer based in tiny Kingston, on the shores of Lake Wakatipu, just south of Queenstown, New Zealand. Previously art director for an Aboriginal media company in Sydney, I moved to Kingston, with my partner to escape the rat race and live somewhere truly inspiring – by a deep lake surrounded by mountains.

We bought a house, renovated, started growing veggies, got married and host of things impossible in the big city.

Inspired by the awesome surroundings, photography became a driving passion. I have been exploring and taking in the beauty since we arrived, learning about the region, it’s history and it’s secrets, honing skills and developing a creative vision.

This is an environment where nature is in your face. Everywhere you look, moment by moment, amazing scenes present themselves. I try to capture these vistas and share the beauty with others. Over time I’ve built a body of photographic landscapes and developed my a unique vision. The challenge for me is capturing light as it plays across the landscape, the mountains and valleys, rivers and skies as if they were a stage set.

Remarkable Imagery now shares this incredible beauty through guided photography tours. Our photo safaris take you to the special places that inspire me. Come on an adventure and capture your own vision. I will guide you to my favorite locations and help you with creative and compositional advice to get the most out your camera. Printed and framed prints of my work will soon be available online through the collections page of this website.

Apart from my landscapes I explore man’s relationship with the natural world through series of photo works including my Wizards of the Wakatipu. Check them out.

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