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Reflections on Wakatipu's Waters

Reflections on Wakatipu's Waters


ABOVE: I have an enduring fascination with moving water. Ripples, waves, thundering waterfalls, trickling streams, the flow over rocks. Reflections, transparency, distortion, colour, and movement – inspiring creativity.

I have shot this scene of Lake Wakatipu more times than I can count. Yet no matter how often I see it there is always something that captures my attention. This recent evening it was the stillness and the swell moving like slow ripples through the reflected mountains in the gathering light of a winter’s day. All this contrasted with an insignificant stream. Busy water flows over rocks, filling the foreground and disappearing into the vast body of deep blue.
How to make this interesting in a video? It came to me to break the scene into its contrasting elements in three adjacent videos, forming a triptych, following the movement of each until they converge.

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