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It’s great to have your work recognized by others; even more so when it’s by experts in the field. D-Photo magazine is New Zealand’s premier source of photography information, inspiration, and celebration. Every July the D-Photo calls for entries in the largest photography contest of its kind in the country. The Sigma D-Photo Amateur Photographer of the Year Competition 2015 gives amateur photographers the chance to showcase their talent and win some great prizes.

There were seven categories this year: Landscape, People, Nature, Monochrome, Travel, Creative, and Junior.

Remarkable Imagery entered most of the categories. With thousands of amazing entries from all over New Zealand, I was thrilled this week to see one of my landscapes make second place in the landscape category. Love of landscape is what drives my work, so it’s an appropriate win.

The image is actually a panorama, stitched together from a number of shots. It was taken high above Arrowtown on the Crown Terrace last winter whilst taking one of my first paying guests out on a full day photography tour. My guest was lucky to have picked a day when the Wakatipu was blanketed in snow. On our drive through to Wanaka we stopped for this evocative scene. The sheep were constantly moving and we waited for one or two animals inquisitiveness to get the better of them and bring them in to the foreground. It’s ultimately that sheep, closer than then rest, looking at us, that gives the image it’s real interest.

It was our move to the South Island in 2011 and our awesome new surroundings which sparked my interest in photography. It surprises me, as someone with years of design expertise, how long it has taken me to really understand what it takes to make a great image. Learning the difference between seeing something inspiring and pulling together the elements of composition, exposure, detail and clarity in a way that captures attention and moves people in some is an ongoing learning process. This recognition is encouragement to continue.

Currently a new website is being developed to promote Remarkable Imagery photography tours. I am still working on my Wizards of the Wakatipu series and a number of new themes are in the works. I am always happy to hear your feedback and ideas so feel free to comment on Facebook or on remarkableimagery.co.nz

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